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A school assignment.

About me:
I am 13 years old. I am from Kumanovo, Macedonia. I have mid-length brown hair. I have green eyes. I am very tall. (1.75 cm or 5,9 ft), and I am curvy.
My friends tell me I am very crazy, and hilarious. Apparently they like being around me.

My school:

I am a primary student at "Toli Zordumis" Primary School. It takes me less the 2 minutes to get to school, since I am right next to it.
I am not very into sports. But I like watching sports, and supporting my friends when they play.

My worst subject is Math (sometimes Physics, when it includes math or something else that needs to be resolved).

I am good at English, Macedonian, History, Biology, Chemistry, etc. I don't really have a favorite subject. But, I do go to Competitions when I have to. I was a part of a Biology competition, a Chess competition, an Art competition, "The Spelling Bee" competition, a lot of Literature competitions which include writing...

My home:

I live with my parents, and my grandmother. Our house is pretty big. We have a diner room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and my room, we also have on another floor, 2 more bed rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

My room is the coolest place ever. I have a lot of posters, it's a light pink color and it's a very fresh room. I like keeping it fresh, though. So that's why I always try to clean up after my mess. After, all I don't want to bother my mom with it. My family is awesome, we are very close, but we also know to give everyone all the alone time they need. I really love them.

My friends:

My friends are the coolest. I love them so much. I have a lot of friends, and best friends. They are like my family. I love hanging out with them. We are different but still fit like a puzzle. I am going to describe them shortly now: (they are not written in order),

-Anja| Anja is the cutest person ever. She has brown hair, and brown eyes. She is slim, and curvy, and shorter than me. She is really beautiful. She is also the loudest from us, and the most energetic. She loves jumping, hugging, laughing, singing,dancing, and the Kardashians. And I love her.
-Kristina| Kristina has brown hair, and brown eyes. She is also shorter than me. Kristina is slim, and very beautiful. She is pretty quiet, but you don't won't to mess with her. She loves singing, watching movies, watching Reality and TV shows. She is very nice, and so sweet.
-Ivana| Now Ivana is much alike to me. (Personality) In her looks she is totally different. She has a beautiful long, light brown hair, and pretty brown eyes. She is short, and slim. She is very loud, and she loves telling jokes. She also loves Ansel Elgort. She loves watching TV Shows, movies, Rock music, and food. She is the best.

-Jovana| Jovana is so awesome. She has light brown hair, beautiful green, eyes and she is short. She loves sport, especially Handball. She loves going out, and having fun. She is an easy-going person. She is pretty loud. She loves listening to music, and she loves taking photos. aka. Selfies.

-Andrea|Andrea is very cool, she has dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She is curvy, and very beautiful. She is very funny, and very honest. She loves TV Shows, especially Gossip Girl, ping-pong, and a lot of handsome actors. She is very fun to be around.

-Tamara|Tamara is a very nice person. She is pretty tall, has brown hair, and brown eyes. She loves Handball also, and loves drawing. She also loves Geography. She is a pretty quiet person, but very fun.


Favorite movie: The Expendables 1,2,3.
Favorite actors: Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki,Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Dylan O'brien, Jackie Chan, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and much much more.
Favorite actresses: Helen Bonham Carter, Jennifer Lawrence, Drew Barrymore, and much more.
Favorite TV Show: Supernatural.
Favorite musicians: Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, 5SOS, and much much more.
The most embarrassing moment: It has to be the time I went on a Basketball game, that my friends were playing, and like I saw them at the other side of the field, and I was so into the fact to talk to them, that I didn't realize they were playing so I just passed the field in the middle of the freaking game. Then the coach shouted at me, which made me realize what I did but, I kept my cool, and acted like I knew what the hell I was doing, which of course I didn't.

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