The Rebellion Of Belmont

Mensonges sont des mesonges ne importe qui leur dit

" Lies are Lies, No matter who tells them "

The Flag Of The Rebellion

Flag symbolism:

The dark blue in our flag symbolizes freedom and confidence.

The white represents purity. as in we will not be like our dictator.

The red represents courage, and we will fight for what we believe in.

The black swords, say we don't care what it takes for a change in our nation as long as it's done.

Constitution of Belmont

Article I

The Name of this Rebellion will be Belmont.

Article II

The Purpose of this Rebellion is to overthrow the “precious Monarchy”. He has done nothing, but lied and cheated our lives. Our dictator is not a God. He promised us security and safety, where was this in the spring of 2003? citizens were kicked out of their homes, to save money for our “reasonable Dictator”. Citizens of Liberum were living on the streets, we needed him and he let us rot.

Article III

The “Simple Requirements” of becoming a citizen of Liberum, are quite ridiculous. Every person is different, they learn at different a pace! It is insanely stupid, to execute someone for failing a test. We also can not help if our children comes out not like the others. If they have disabilities, it should be okay! The parents should not be worrying at night that their child will die for being unique! If a child has a disability, then everyone should learn to deal with it, to help them, they are humans just like us! Humans were made to do something with this Earth, why should we only be able to have 3 options of a career, when we need more everything! This Rebellion will need strong people to fight for us. *women allowed* We do not care if you are disabled, or not as intelligent as everyone else. As long as you want freedom, we will want you on you our side.

Article IV

The person responsible for this Rebellion will be someone loyal, kind, and clever! You will elect the leader of your choice and at the end of winter of 3000. We will have a document of the rights of the citizens, and the leaders of the rebellion (more than one) will not betray them. If these rules are broken, it will result in imprisonment or death. (depending on the case of the situation) Elections are really simple, you pick what leader you think is best. Your vote will only count 45% of the time, there will be this group of intelligent people, with a terrific education and they will also vote on what they think is best. They will first look at the group’s vote then the population vote, the majority rules from there.

Article V

The Government will have 3 jobs: vote the laws, approve the laws and enforce the laws. Our Government will provide citizens with security, and fairness. The people will have the responsibility to not break laws, and to obey our Governments laws.

Article VI

1)Freedom of speech (written, press, gossip, etc..)
2)Free to practice any religion wanted 3)Gay marriage allowed
4)Women are allowed to do everything men do
5)Everyone is innocent until proven guilty
6)Right to bare arms. No guns allowed to people, unless required for a job. 7)Allowed outside our country. In other words you can have contact outside our nation
8)Allowed to marry as many people as wanted in a lifetime, as long as not at the time span does not over lap 9)Allowed as much food as wanted, as long it is bought with money. 10)Allowed to have your thoughts, you should not apologize for thinking to yourself

Article VII

Our education system is simple. If the child is in a poor family, the parents will have the choice to put their child in Preschool. If the child is in a stable and/or wealthy family, they will start school at the age of five years old. Children will go to school from the ages of ⅘ (depending on the wealthiness of the family) to the age of 18. There will be Colleges available, but the child must pay or get a scholarship, by the college’s choosing. The college will have a limit to how much money they could ask for. If the a child chooses to not go to college, they will be the community service workers. Helping the people and our nation. They must do the community service, or they could change their mind anytime they want and go to college.

Article VIII

On our flag lies with Black swords, for we don’t care what it takes for us, the people, to get freedom. Our colors are red white and blue. For courage, the true purity, freedom and confidence.

Article IX

Our figurehead is Alva Belmont, born on January 17, 1853. She was educated in France, and settled in New York City. Her second husband was Oliver Belmont and after his death in 1908, Belmont suddenly devoted herself and her fortune to the struggle for women's suffrage and rights. She died on January 26, 1933, in Paris, France.

Our Figurehead: Alva Belmont

Alva Belmont fought for women's rights and suffrage. She fought for what she believed in, no matter if people thought she was crazy or ahead of her time. She helped women, she helped our society to what it is today.

The Story Of Our Leader:

Alva smith was born on January 17, 1853. Alva  used her riches and  and social standing to help the women's rights movement in the early 1900s! Alva went to school in France, where her family moved after the Civil War. When she was a young girl Elva was treated unfairly and bullied by boys in the same grade as her. Many teachers treated the boys with more respect, and taught the girls to wait on them. People called her as crazy and "ahead of her time".  When she turned 16 she finally became sick of the unfairness, and returned to the United States with her mother and sisters; Her family settled in New York City. In 1875 she married a man named, William Vanderbilt.
After her 2nd husband died in 1908, Alva became interested in women's rights and put herself and money to help the struggle for women's suffrage and rights. She founded the Political Equality Association in New York the following year. Also in 1909, Alva traveled to England where she attended suffrage protests. Alva used the use of more militant tactics in the fight to win the vote. In 1914, she left the NAWSA and focused  on the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage. Alva ended up serving on the organization's board. The union later became known as the National Women's Party. She  refused to vote until a woman candidate was in the running for president. With her fortune, Alva helped the National Women's Party establish a new headquarters in Washington, D.C. She also supported causes such as the Women's Trade Union League, and even kept them from going bankrupt.

Belmont Poem

Our rebellion would say!
We want to see our dictator's blood, in the light of the day!

But why would we do this, you ask?
He let us rot, he let us die
so we are going to say goodbye

Maybe we should feel bad for getting angry with the monarchy
but did America feel bad after letting millions of there own die out in war?
i don't think so.

we are hopeful,we are free
its like confidence was a lock and rebelling was the key!

we have moved on to something rather nice

our country was a sham!
they were keeping us in a vice

we speak the truth!
yes we do
because lies are lies no matter who tells them
and we know who told them.

AtRebellion of Belmont poster

Ministry of  "Love"

The Ministry of  "Love" is a sham! Our "precious" dictator tells everyone that people in the ministry of love is a threat to us and themselves. When in reality these innocent people are just being imprisonised  for being unique or having certain disabilities. Most people who go into the the ministry of love never come out! Have you ever noticed that? The monarchy puts them in surgery, and IF they survive, the monarchy suddenly decides that they are our enemy, and they become prisoners for the rest of their lives.
we must put a stop to this insanity! There are no elders in Liberum, because the monarchy decides they drag us down, and basically puts them to sleep. And why do the citizens of Liberum call it a "retirement center"? What? Is it a retirement of life or something? Because that's what it is!! A hospital were the older people go to die!!!!
So many people are entered into these things because they like different things than everyone else! Like if they are smarter than someone, the monarchy thinks they are disabled for being TOO INTELLIGENT!!!  This life we live is unfair!! Only people in the monarchy and the dictator get good treatment, and living. We are left on the streets to die!!!!!!! Our dictator doesn't care about us at all. And if you think for one second that he is going to treat us fairly, you are lying to yourselves.

Rebellion video

By:Christina Moran and Isaiah Gomez

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