Rejected - Discriminated - Intelligent

All I wanted was...

To be accepted by the rest of the workers

Get rid of Curley's Wife

Not have to sleep in the Barn

Not be Judged on the color of his skin

A chance to play Poker

But I didn't want...

To be discriminated




To be bothered by others

At the beginning Of Mice and Men, Crooks is isolated and although not much is said about him, the impression is still implied that he is not a sociable person and welcomes company. By the end of the tale, Crooks has welcomed ,multiple people into his room and was not discriminated until Curley's wife came.

crooks interacts with each person with hostility on their first contact until they expresses genuine kindness. For instance, when crooks first interacted with Lennie, he addressed him rudely until he realized that Lennie was slow and meant no harm. This also occurred with candy who when he entered Crook's room, was aggressively confronted until he exemplified the want for peace. On the other hand, Curley's Wife when she entered and was hostile to Crooks, he was rude back and mirrored her actions of negativity.

In Mice and Men, there is a underlying theme of Confinement and Freedom. All the characters are confined in someway. For instance, Curley's Wife is confined because she's married to Curley and since she's a woman there is not much she can do. Cr00ks is confined in his room seprate from the others becuase of his color. But there is one time all the workers feel free and it is when they all imagine George' dream of owning some land.

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