K-12 Learning Apps

Module 9

GeoGebra 5

What is GeoGebra 5?

GeoGebra is a mathematical online iOS app that allows you to focus on better understanding geometry, graphing, statistics, calculus and more. This app can be used to maneuver around online 3-Dimensional objects which can aid when analyzing angles. It also allows you to create diagrams and graphs and manipulate them which could aid when teaching a mathematics lesson.

Uses in the Classroom?

GeoGebra 5 would be very useful when teaching lessons involving reflections, angles, calculus, or trigonometry. Instead of portraying graphs and diagrams on the chalkboard, instead students are able to visualize graphs online via a projection device or Smartboard. This would be beneficial for students because the ability for the instructor to navigate around the online space where the diagrams are shown will help the students understand it better through interaction and interest. Majority of students are visual learners so the more visually interactive the technology is the more beneficial it will be for the students. Instead of students staring at an arbitrary graph on the chalk board they can become involved and view the graph as a real object that can move and be adjusted.

You can watch an example of GeoGebra 5 being used here

Novus Scan

What is Novus Scan?

Novus Scan is an iOS app that allows you to check for plagiarism online between students. It scans your students online documents and checks for identical text between students papers, and your online handouts/assignments/examples. It then shows you if there are any similarities between documents and as a result you can determine if plagiarism has taken place.

Uses in the Classroom?

Novus Scan is useful for educators when there is an important assignment or long essay due and they are worried that some of their students may have plagiarized portions of their work. This is useful for teachers because it is difficult for teachers to catch all potential plagiarism and this is a tool that can do it for you. The teacher then can focus on grading the students' assignment or essay instead of worrying about recognizing plagiarism.


What is starQuiz?

StarQuiz is an iOS app that allows you to easily create tests for your students. It has many different formats to choose from and can given to your students online. By clicking "Give to Students..." students are able to access their exam online and take it. It is then instantly graded and analyzes the test data for you. This allows you to easily understand what questions were problematic, ect.

Uses in the Classroom?

This tool allows students to take tests online (which they may or may not prefer depending on their learning style) and allows them to know their grade instantly. This is beneficial to them because it's instant; if they do poorly they can recognize they need extra assistance in that subject instead of realizing they need assistance weeks later when they receive their physical graded exam back. This is beneficial to teachers because it is a more time efficient way to create exams. It also allows them to more easily identify issues with questions that were deemed unclear or invalid due to the analyzing data provided.

Earth 3D - Amazing Atlas

What is Earth 3D - Amazing Atlas?

Earth 3D - Amazing Atlas is an interactive tool used to show the different continents and view animated characteristics of each of those parts of the world. This creates a visual map for students to help them understand geography better. There is also an option to view not only geographical maps, but also political ones.

Uses in the Classroom?

This would be useful in the classroom when students are interested in a particular place in the world they could use this app on their interactive white board or electronic device to investigate the political, geographical, and aesthetic properties of the place. This could be beneficial to get students in primary schools to finish their work- they could be rewarded by playing with this fun, educational app. This would also be useful for geography or history lessons. While the educator is delivering her lesson she also be showing her students the visuals of the place he/she is referencing at the same time. This is beneficial for students because it displays multiple means of representation. This can reduce barriers that can affect learning and also helps students remember the information more efficiently.


What is Orbits?

Orbits is an iOS app that allows you to interactively view the planets in a completely accurate setting. The planets are colour coded and display the orbit of where the planets are exactly on any date chosen.

Uses in the Classroom?

This can be used when teaching about the solar system. It can be very difficult to create accurate visuals when teaching about orbits and the way planets rotate around each other. Seeing planets orbit at an accurate rate would be an effective interactive tool for students to better understand how planets orbit.

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