God is Powerful

Gage Whitaker

I believe

I believe that god loves everyone equally,

the thought there is more for us in life,

the idea that there is life after death,

the truth that nobody is the same,

the chance that one instant can change someone’s life,

miracles do happen, love is the strongest feeling, and changes happen.

But I don’t believe in true peace.

I believe in the power of god’s word,

I believe in being yourself,

I believe in the power of family,

Courage, truth, freedom

And I believe in life that nobody is perfect and to be standing out from the crowd

My personal credo

I choose to live my life with two expressions, one being in one instant you’re life could change and another being to never give up faith in god.

I believe that God can do anything, and any day at any time you’re life could change for better or worse. People have told me stories that they have heard about how people were saved from death, but there were no logical explanations except for God. Also, Scientists tried to figure out what really happened but most of the time they cannot find no logical explanation.

For example on July 5th, 2013 I wrecked my dirt bike and I got pretty injured, I prayed for weeks and weeks that everything would be okay and God heard my words. But, he couldn’t make everything right. I would get sharp pains in my knee and sometimes it hurts to walk. But, I just keep praying and eventually I know that everything would be back to normal.

I think that once I get older I will probably still have the same credo because that accident made me really think about what God can do. I can see it evolving into a much stronger devotion of love for God. Sometimes I just don't feel like going to church. But, I know that I need to go to church more often to learn about God’s word, that is what would change my credo. I think that shape my future by helping me to be more cautious and have more love for god.

This is significant to me because it is my own feelings. I would not tell people to follow my credo, they could just do it if they wanted to. It can be beneficial to people because they can learn a little bit about what god can do and what praying to him does for you.

By Gage Whitaker

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