Oprah Winfrey

     Oprah Winfrey is a successful woman,who was born on January 29,1954 in Kosciusko,Mississippi.She went to Tennessee State University, B.A., Speech and Performing Arts, 1976. She is active because she's a host, a producer, a philanthropist, a publisher, and a producer. She's loyal for her site that is worth $2.9 billion. Last but not least, she thoughtful of Barack Obama. She hosted a fundraiser for him at her California home.

     She produced the movie "Beloved".She makes her film debt in "The Color Purple".She also stared in a movie called "The Help". She also wrote books called, "What I Know for Sure" and "Oprah: Make the Connection" and more. At the age of 14, Oprah became pregnant giving birth to a premature baby boy that later died. Her pregnancy was traumatic as she constantly tried to hide it from her mother.

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