Amanda Todd

About her bullying story

Amanda Todd was servilely bullied by everyone at all of her schools every single school she went to she had went to she had went to so many schools it was unbelievable. She had been the most searched on Google in 2012.

When she was just 12, a man in an internet chat room convinced her to flash her breasts, and a year later, he plastered a picture of the incident across Facebook. That made her be bullied from her whole school even her best friends and friends in the school.

Even she changed schools and found a new group of friends in an effort to leave behind the bullies, But then she found out that that man had made her uncensored photo his new profile picture which made her cry every night and which made her lose all of her new friends once again.

soon after the bullying had started again and Amanda Todd starting cutting herself, then again Amanda had too move schools once again, at her new school she met a guy that she ended up flirting with, but once that happened the guy she was flirting with his girl-friends made a troupe and gained up and beat her up as amanda said "She was left alone on the ground", but yet again she decided to drink some bleach at home and she was rushed to the hospital by her dad.

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