Civil Engineer

By: Montana Strait

Whats a Civil Engineer

A Civil engineer deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.

Required Skills

You must have a good resistance in your body. The work may consist of roaming all over the world of different climatic condition. So your body must be fit. Innovative thinking. On seeing land you must have a good plan of constructing a perfect building. It might be concrete, brick or steel. You must know all aspects of construction. Dictatorship rather than communication; you should be like a dictator. It will help you to gain your needs or other demands from the customer. As well as, to get the sub-engineers to obey your words. Moreover, you should also have some basic knowledge in Mathematics.

Education Requirements

civil engineers typically have a academic degree in civil engineering. The length of study is three to five years, and the completed degree is designated as a bachelor of engineering, or a bachelor of science. The curriculum generally includes classes in physics, mathematics, project management, design and specific topics in civil engineering. After taking basic needed classes for civil engineering, most will continue onto specialize into one or more advanced specific types of civil engineering. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge ranks number one for engineering.This private college offers Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs in engineering. The schools engineering departments include electrical engineering and computer science, materials science and engineering, civil and environmental engineering, nuclear science and engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering and mechanical engineering.


Civil engineers earned a medium salary of $80,770 in 2013. The highest-paid 10 percent in the profession made $126,190, while the lowest-paid of the profession earned $51,810 in 2013.

Future Outlook

Jobs of a civil engineer consist of a wide variety of things. So the difficulty of you getting a job as a civil engineer really depends upon what you specifically specialized in. There will for ever and always be opportunities to get a job as a civil engineer as long as building, construction and other stuff of the sorts stays around. Receiving any type of job opportunity in civil engineering are offered all over the world. Depending upon the progression rate of up keep or modernization in the area you're in,is a big factor of how difficult getting a job as a civil engineer is. Civil engineering is one of the oldest occupations that there is, there is no chances of it dying out.


Some benefits of being a civil engineer is the pay, the job importance you have and job security. These are some of the many issues of other jobs today.

Similar Careers

Building control surveyor, Consulting civil engineer, Contracting civil engineer, Site engineer, Structural engineer, Water engineer, Building services engineer, Engineering Geo consultant, Patent attorney, and Quantity surveyor are some careers that are similar to civil engineering.

Why i picked this career

I've always enjoyed drawing and building with my Dad so it was a perfect combination of things I enjoyed and wanted to pursue. I think i would be good at being a civil engineer because i like to do things that challenge me to strive for perfection. And being able to enjoy what I do as a occupation wouldn't make it a job, it would be a career.

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