BY: Rebecca

Haven't you noticed that more and more people these days only car about themselves? Seeing the world we live in today, less people are selfless, I, among the very few others, am actually altruistic. To be altruistic, you show concern for the happiness, and welfare of other people, rather than yourself. Would you rather be egoistic, and only preoccupied with yourself? If people remember you as altruistic, rather than egoistic, they will give you more respect. I once saw my friend wearing a noticeable amount of makeup, and calling herself ugly. I say down with her, and talked to her not caring that we were late, or people were staring at us weirdly. To this day, she wears way less makeup. A while ago, altruistic actor, Brad Pitt, visited New Orleans after a terrible disaster struck, he still goes back to check up on how New Orleans is doing, and watching the city grow. His reputation was even bigger after this, and he has been give more respect since, and has made a big difference in New Orleans. Being altruistic can really help in the world, putting others needs before mine will help with many jobs, and people will respect me more as well. I'm no celebrity, I don't have the money, or media, I don't do it for respect, or anything like that. I do it just because I care for the well-being of people, I am altruistic!

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