From Asphalt to Oasis

St. Anthony and the community recreating our space

Creating permanent change in the St. Anthony School yard –A change that positively impacts our community. PLAN: We can depave up to10,000 square feet of our school yard. The soil under the paving is not bad, it just needs to be enlivened by worms and compost. We will also develop a plan for replanting the yard with local species that will grow well in the area and provide more shade for our students. The plan will also include the construction of an outdoor classroom in the part of the yard that does have trees right now. We will also add play structures that allow a greater variety of recreational opportunities for students.

This is Round Two!  We want to make it to the semi-finals this round

Voting starts on Monday, October 20th

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3 years ago

We need more supports this time to make it to the semi finals!