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Trey Burke


PPG: 18.6 RPG: 3.2 APG: 6.7
Strengths: Strong, physical guard, Very good drive and kick guard, Nice shooter off the dribble, Has some range on his jumper, Sees the floor really well
Weaknesses: Can lack aggression at time, Needs to improve his defensive intensity

The Future Gets Even Brighter: Trey Burke

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The picture below tells you everything you need to know when you think about the qualities that Mr. Trey Burke possesses: Clutch, NBA range, fearless, leader, and champion. This picture was taken during the 2013 Elite Eight game between the Michigan Wolverines and Kansas Jayhawks. The Kansas Jayhawks held a lead of 74-66 with 1:22 remaining in the 2nd half. From that point on, all Trey Burke did was make two three pointers and a lay-up, including the three pointer in the picture below from way behind the three point line that tied it up with 5 seconds left. It was clutch, deep, and well contested. Incredible poise if you ask me. If you can say that about anyone else in the draft, I would love to know. Trey Burke is amazing, and he has the demeanor of a champion. Add him to a group of unbelievably talented players, and the sky is the limit. A combination of Trey Burke and Kyrie Irving on the floor at the same time would be an absolute nightmare for opposing coaches, emphasis on absolute. All this praise for Trey Burke is coming from a die-hard Buckeye fan, so I am not being a homer Michigan fan or anything. I truly believe this kid will be a star in this league, and if we pick him it will go down as one of the best picks in Cleveland Cavaliers history!

Defense isn't an Issue

Trey Burke is known as an offensive guard. As of right now, his defense isn't the reason he is the best player in the draft. But that doesn't mean that his defense is a liability. In fact, with some work, his defense could be amazing. Just look at the athleticism and instincts possessed by this young man. On the big stage, the National Championship, he times up the jump perfectly and meets the ball ABOVE the rim. His height is not an issue when you can jump like that. With some help from Mike Brown and the staff, we can turn him into one of the best two way guards in the NBA. I get excited just thinking about what this team can become.

I don't need any outside sources at this point to know what is best for this team. Trey Burke is the man for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let's go through all the other candidates.

Nerlens Noel- Ultra talented big man with great defensive instincts. Very poor offensive game and too thin to handle the more physical bigs in the NBA. He also has a torn ACL. Not worth a #1 pick.

Ben McElmore- Good shooting guard. He definitely can shoot at the NBA level, but doesn't shoot enough to make a difference. If we needed a 2 guard, then I would consider it, but he is not good enough for the #1 overall pick.

Otto Porter Jr.- I am strongly against Otto Porter Jr. becoming a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His game against FGCU was bad, real bad. He couldn't get his team to beat a 15 seed. It wasn't his teammates fault, he was supposed to be the best player of Georgetown and he didn't step up when the time came. He is not a leader. He is a rotation player in this league, and with the #1 overall pick, rotation players just don't cut it.

With all that being said, it is obvious that Trey Burke is the guy for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the 1st overall pick, we must take a difference maker, and Trey Burke is far and away the biggest difference maker in this draft class. We can NOT take Porter Jr. just because we lack at the 3 position. We have been blessed with unbelievable luck, and we must take advantage. Every ounce of me trusts Chris Grant and his decisions making. He has been 4 for 4 on his draft decisions the past two years and I expect that to continue, with the decisions of Trey Burke.

All I want to hear on June 27 when David Stern steps to the stage is: With the 1st pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select Trey Burke, PG, University of Michigan. Make it happen Chris Grant.

NBA Comparison: PG Ty Lawson

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