My magic door


By max.p

If i had a magic door it would be the most awesome and complicated door of them all.The reason is because in the book the door that is the biggest and grandest has the most excitement.Most people would want to go the wooden door or silver door because they thought it was safe but you end up going the long way to avoid getting eaten by skimmers or roasted alive by barbarians and cannibals.The colour my door would be is red ruby’s with a light blue background and a picture of a barbarian. The reason i chose a barbarian is because you might see them and fight them.If you go beyond the barbarians you see a wonderful sight its the glorious humpty dumpty falling of the wall.It is filled with marshmallos and mentos that might sound great but skimmers come to have a feast.

My magic door will only be for champions who can handle it even though there are marshmallos and mentos there are also skimmers and they are dangerous one smell of blood or see you outside you are not going to wake up.So that is why i think that all of this should be a door.

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