Hello I'm Immanuel Blake, and this is my Drawbot.

The prompt assigned was to create a robot that can draw.

The first step I took was to examine the different materials. We were given markers, cups, rubber bands, and an electric toothbrush. Then I brainstormed and drew different designs. Eventually I decided upon a design and started to build.

Next, I started spacing the cups evenly around the toothbrush, and flipping the cups upside down. Then I strung rubber bands around the cups with the tooth brush in the middle. After that I poked a hole in the top of the cups, then I stuck markers in the holes. Finally I tested my robot, the vibration created by the toothbrush caused the cups to rotate with the markers. It draws circles, and makes rings in three different colors. If I could choose to make a different design, I would have used a toothbrush that had a circular base, or cut the cups so that it rotated smoothly.