My Personal Journey

This is the story of my life and i hope you learn alot from it. it will hopefully teach you about decision making and how and why they're so important. All the decisions one makes in their life are important

What does decision making Consist Of

well decisions making in your life includes all of it entirely. You decide what you wear,what you do what you say. But the Catch 22 of decision making is that every decision you make has a consequence.Now when I say that the Consequence is necessarily bad, it's just like cause and effect. What you do has different effects on you

What Affects your Decisions

Many different things affect ones decision making, like who they're are with, how they are brought up, How they might feel at the moment. This is one experience i had, i got into a fist fight with some kid while we were playing basketball. The reason is he threw the ball at my head and well... I had a choice few words for'em. After that he kinda wanted to fight me. So me being to prideful to walk away decided alright then have at ye. But the thing was it was my first fight ever,soooo yeah(even though it wasn't that bad)....decisions really make all difference. I could've just walked away, but i didn't. It's always better to be the better person.

Always do the Right thing

Making the right decisions can really stop you from regretting things later. For example, dropping out of school,pretty sure everyone who has done it has regretted it no matter who they are. Not following your dreams is a really big one, by not doing you because someone else  like your friends or maybe even parents said that you should do something else. These decisions like plenty of others affect your very life and only you have control over them.

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