Is Canada the Greatest Country to Live in?

Canada is the greatest country to live in for many reasons.



Canada has a pretty good history for immigration. Our immigration process is one of the fastest ones in the world. The only problem we have had with our immigration was with the First Nations in the 1800/1900's. Although that was a minor problem we have many good things to offer to the new and existing citizens of Canada. We have benefits that other countries don't offer to their citizens. Canada welcomes everyone with open and accepting arms.  Every person is accepted into Canada regardless of their religion and race which makes Canada a diverse country.


Canada's population is not that large. In 2013, we surpassed a population of 35 million people which was a 1.2% increase. Canada's population is always increasing which proves that people want to immigrate live here.  Canada has more livable land than people so it has a good balance between people and land. Also, it is good that we don't have that many people because there isn't that much pollution. The less people the less pollution.



Canada is one of the worlds' s largest exporters and agricultural producers.  The department of Argiculture and Argi-Food are responsible for overseeing Canada's agriculture.  We have a several different types of agriculture in Canada which provides us with food and has created and still does create jobs.  Five of the largest agriculture sectors are 1) Grain and Oilseeds, 2) Red meats - Livestock, 3) Dairy, 4) Horticulture and 5) Poultry and Eggs.  

Sustainable Energy

Canada is one of the world's leaders she it comes to the production and use of energy from renewable resources. We currently provide almost 16.9% of renewable energy sources of Canada’s total primary energy supply.  Canada's most important renewable energy sources is mooing water with generates 59% of our electricity.  We are the third largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world. Wind is the second most important renewable energy source in Canada. It accounts for 1.6% of electricity generation in Canada. Biomass is the third largest source of Canada’s electricity generation. Its share in Canada’s electricity generation is 1.4%. Wind and solar photovoltaic energy are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada.



Canada has a lot of nice soil and vegetation. Most of Canada has wet-climate soils which is good for farming. There is a lot of open space in some parts of Canada, these spaces are good for the country. The more open spaces and trees we have the healthier we will be. We'll have cleaner oxygen and our children will have a nice, big space to play.

Interactions in the Physical Environment

Natural Disasters

Canada does not have any natural disasters. It's very safe. The least likely natural disaster would be a tsunami. There are no bodies of water around southern Canada especially, big enough for a tsunami to happen.

Oil Sands

Oil sands have cause many issues in Canada. Canada is trying to create a more environmentally friendly way of extracting oil from the ground. They are spending money on researching how to create a better way of taking oil from the ground.

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