Othello Act IV, Scene 2

Purpose: To read Act 4, Scene 2 of Othello for literary and dramatic analysis.  In this scene, observe how Othello's paranoia grows. In the midst of his jealousy, how does he treat Desdemona? Notice how Emilia is uanable to placate him in spite of her efforts. And, finally, how does Iago continue to puppeteer the increasingly demanding Roderigo?

Read Act 4, Scene 2 in your book on pages 192-211, or click button below to read it in a new window online.  You may also click on the second button to listen to the play as you read.

Things to think about as you read....

1. When Roderigo grows impatient with Iago, in Act IV, Scene 2, lines 182-202, how does Iago make use of his fellow plotter’s discontent?

2. In Act IV, Scene 2, how does Desdemona react to the accusations of Othello?

3. In Act IV, Scene 2, lines 33-92, what prevents Othello from being moved by Desdemona’s appeal?

4. Where in Act IV, Scene 2, does Desdemona finally start to fight back? Explain her physical reaction right after Othello exits in about line 99?

Watch video at the end of the lesson!