Physical Fitness - The Benefits of Staying Physically Active

The importance placed on staying active, and physically fit has increased greatly over the last decade. From nutrition, to exercise, and natural remedies society has placed a great deal of value on staying mindful of how we treat our bodies.

Although great, in theory, sometimes it seems nearly impossible to put a healthier lifestyle into practice. One key way to start a healthier routine is to find something you enjoy doing. Many people find pleasure in running, swimming, CrossFit, or lifting weights. While others enjoy activities, that allow them to take in their surroundings at a slower pace, such as jogging, rollerblading or hiking.

Ian Renner of Florida enjoys hiking in his spare time. As a civil engineer, turned real estate investor, Renner doesn’t always have the time to get outdoors and take in the fresh air, but he says he now makes the effort.

“I thoroughly enjoy getting outside and becoming more in tune with nature. It's a real change of pace from the world of real estate and engineering that focuses on infrastructure. I love the raw, undeveloped landscape. Although, I must admit my mind wanders from time to time with the possibilities of building commercial properties in some of my favorite spots. I would never though, there’s something sacred about certain land. Hiking keeps me in tune with that. It keeps me balanced both physically and mentally.”

Physical activity can be a wonderful way to release stress and to get your creative juices flowing. With a clear mind and a blank slate, exercise allows a person to de-stress and start with a brighter outlook each day.

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