The Fold Warns:  Watch Your Step!

The Newest Book From Peter Clines

I just finished The Fold, the newest book from science fiction writer Peter Clines, published by Crown. The main character is Mike, a genius with a photographic memory. Despite enjoying the quiet life of a teacher in small town Maine, he is called by a friend in the government to help evaluate a project called the Albuquerque Door. Mike discovers the door is a fold between dimensions. At first this invention seems an incredible success that could actually lead to Star Trek like teleportation. But strange and unusual happenings suggest to Mike that the Albuquerque Door could be dangerous not only to the scientists, but to all mankind.

The plot of The Fold takes a while to reach real action. Much of the first half of the story revolves around the unique characters. Mike attempts to understand the uniqueness of each scientist: the wise leader, the curmudgeon, the trash mouth, the buddy, the attractive woman. Clines also is deliberate in his description of the science behind The Door in an attempt to add some believability to the storyline. Once the action begins, the story develops at a rapid pace, to a somewhat surprising and terrifying climax. I’m not typically a science fiction reader, and Clines is a better story teller than writer, but I’ll grant this book a 6 out of 10.   

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