Amazing Tsuamis

by RJ

                  A tsunami is a big ocean wave. It is caused by landslides, meteorites that crash into the ocean, volcanoes that erupt in the ocean, and earthquakes. When the wave starts in the middle of the ocean it is small and moves fast. When it gets to shore the wave get bigger. Some tsunamis can be up to 100 feet tall and a mile wide when it gets bigger.

A tsunami is a big wave.

Where do tsunamis happen?

     Most happen in the edges of the Pacific Ocean called the ring of fire. They can also happen in the Indian Ocean, South Asia, Africa, and North Sea.

What happens to the land and people after a tsunami?

A tsunami made a ship crash into the land.

     Many people die from tsunamis. Tsunamis make debris after its done. It is hard to rescue people because there is a lot of debris.

A video that shows debris

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