Deatls about ISO 14001 Course in Singapore

We know that ISO 14001 certification is the certification of the environmental management system, according to the ISO standard by the third party evaluation. It is applicable to any enterprise, when the enterprises to obtain certification, can prove that the enterprise is recognized in the field of environmental management. Enterprises to deal with the relevant functions and levels within the implementation, establish and maintain documented environmental objectives and targets. ISO 14001 course Singapore enterprises to make the relevant objectives and targets. The objectives and targets in addition to consistent with the environmental policy, including the pollution prevention, continuous improvement and compliance with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements of the promise.

The following is the ISO14000  course singapore -

certification process:

1.Certification consulting

2.To apply for certification

3.The signing of the contract

4.The first phase of the audit

5.The second phase of the audit

6.Does not meet the rectification and tracking verification

7.The approval certificate

8.The post license supervision

The ISO 14000 series of standards in the final analysis is a set of management standards. It is the crystallization of the environmental management experiences of developed countries, in the formulation of national standards, the situation of different countries and consider, as far as possible so that the standards can be of general application.

And the positive effect of ISO 14001 standard to the enterprise is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

And establish a corporate image, enhance the visibility of the enterprise

- promote enterprise consciously abide by environmental laws, rules and regulations

And urge enterprises to consider the impact on the environment in the production, management, service and other activities, to reduce the environmental load

Green pass, to enable enterprises to gain access to international markets ""

And enhance employee awareness of the environment

And encourage enterprises to save energy, recycling of waste, reduce operating costs

And urge enterprises to strengthen environmental management

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