Reds Sign Shin-Soo Choo

  The Asian Invasion: Shin Shoo Choo traded to the Reds for Stubbs.  It’s hard to be sure whether Reds fans are happier that we finally got a capable leadoff hitter or that we finally got rid of the tumor of a player Drew Stubbs.  Happy trails Strikeout Stubbs; You, your receding hairline, and your league leading K numbers are going to fit in fine in Cleveland.  Didi Gregorious is tough to see go if you’ve seen some of his defensive highlight reels in the minors.  But, on to the more important issue at hand, Cincinnati’s Jeremy Lin.  An Asian savior sent to bring home the inevitable World Championship.  While the Reds sacrifice fielding by going from Stubbs to Choo (or is it Shoo Choo), they vastly improve their hitting.  As of now the Opening Day should be pretty set, and pretty nasty.   When healthy and hot that line-up could be one of the deadliest line-ups in the MLB.  Unfortunately injuries will occur, which often seperates the good from the bad.  While I’m very happy with the current line-up at hand, it’s important not to get complacent.  Go Reds go. 

  • CF: Choo Shoo 
  • 2b: Brandon Phillips 
  • 1b: Joey Votto
  • LF: Ryan Ludwick 
  • RF: Jay Bruce 
  • 3B: Todd Frazier 
  • SS: Zack Cozart 
  • C: Mesoraco/Hanigan 
  • P:  Cueto

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