Fishing in Missouri
by: Ethan

What is slimy, scaly, and lives in water? Can you guess? It is a fish! Do not worry the only way that the fish is coming out of the water is a fishing pole. in my paper, you will learn about the safety of fishing, different body parts of the fish, rules of fishing, and the materials of fishing.

types 0f fish

Their are so many kinds of fish in lakes, ponds, and evan rivers. but some of the fish I know in lakes, ponds, and rivers are perch, blue gill, sun fish, crappy, and my favorite the cat fish. what i don't like about the cat fish is that it can sting you harder than a bee.


When you go fishing you can't just do what ever you want you have rules to remember. You can't throw rocks in to the water and scare the fish away. You can't feed the fish because than the fish will not bite because they will not be hungry. also you need a fishing license you are 12 or older.

safety first

When you go fishing you have to use these safety tips. stay a couple feet away from the water. Stay out from behind people casting out there line. Don't run because you might fall and hurt your self.

body parts of the fish

Can you see the body parts of the fish bellow? well if you can't hear they are. The "mouth, pectoral fins, pelvis fins, scales, lateral line, penduncle, caudal(tail fin), soft dorsal fins, spiny

dorsal fin, operculum(gill cover), nares(nostrils). "

materials of fishing

Do you want to know about the materials of fishing? Well hear they are. you need a fishing pole, a tackle box, bate, hooks, weights, bobbers, line, and a stringer if you are keeping the fish and eating them


Now do you know what is smiley, scaly, and lives in water of course the fish. now scene you read this get all of the things you need and go fishing!!!