ALL Similarities And Differances

There are 3 stories about two hurricanes and three heroes the story includes , De'monte love ,Ariel and Matt. Each of these kids are similar in a way ,but their also different  each of them became heroes. Ariel and Matt were hit by the same hurricane Ariel became a hero ,because after the hurricane Ariel made a Facebook page and Matt went and helped people physically . De'monte was a little different he was told by his mom to take care of his siblings and neighbors kids he was in the hurricane but he got rescued the Matt just stayed not Ariel though. Matt and Ariel lived near rocaway beach unlike De'monte he live in Louisiana . But in the end they all was hit by a hurricane.

Ariel And Matt

Matt and Ariel became a hero in different but similar ways. Matt and Ariel both lived by rocaway beach . They both were hit by hurricane sandy , but Ariel evacuated the city before the hurricane could reach. after the hurricane they both decided to help but differently . Matt help during the hurricane and after, he saved a few people and helped rebuild homes; Ariel made a Facebook page that helped people get their belongings back. Ariel won a medal for making the page and getting a little boy his legos collection back, but Matt just got thanked.

De'monte And Matt

De'monte and Matt were more different than similar. They both stayed during the hurricane but after a while De'monte got rescued Matt stayed the whole time. where  they was at during the hurricane flooded. Matt saved people to become a hero, De'monte was a hero ,because he took care of his siblings and his neighbors kids. where similar in ways ,but they had more differences.

De'monte And Ariel

De'monte exsperinced more than Ariel . Ariel wasnt there during the hurricane but De'monte was there durng the hurricane. For De'monte he had to watch his family but Ariel just made a Facebook page. Ariel house wasnt damaged as bad as De'monte ,his house was flooded in. They all became a hero in different ways though.

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