This is the character i made with the one only Inkscape. To make this i added a lot of circle because it was a bear i had big circles to do the body and the small circles to do the minor details like ears, mouth, and i used a star for the nose.


  • What was the project prompt... logo art and character
  • What is your project? my project was making a character
  • Did you plan it out first? yes i actually did plan it out but not every thing
  • Why did you make it? so i can use for scratch but it wasn't useful for scratch.


  • What was your process? my process was making circles and ovals of different sizes.
  • What problems did you face? i couldn't get the size right but then i got it right.
  • How did you overcome any problems? it got really easy to get over it because i just need to know when to stop when make the shapes bigger


  • What would your next iteration be? i will be making another logo for my class.
  • What did you like best? i really liked making the whole thing.
  • How would you make it better? i would try using other shapes and changing the size of the bear.