The Arabian Peninsula

{By Cameron Lowery}
Mr. Goodwin, 4th Hour

The Desert: The Desert included traits such as

*plateus, nomads, and wind/sand storms. In order to survive they

*set up tents
*for transortation used camels
Also, they
*clothed themselves in loose clothing for protection from things like sand, dust, heat, and flies.

Then we have the Oases...
The Oases: Oases had things such as...

*trapped water underground
*shrubs and grass that sprout up
*and fertile land!

People adapted to the Oasis environment by...

*growing grain to make bread
*farmers used palm wood to build houses
*and people used leaves for thatch roofs.

Next up is the Coastal Plains...

Coastal Plains: Some characteristics in the Coastal Plains were
*the rocky cliffs
*damp air
*natural harbors
*and rain regularly.

People tried surviving by...

*building wells, dams, and systems to irrigate the land
*farmers collected fragrant tree sap to make myrhh and frankincense
*traders sent their goods by caravan to towns like Makkah or to seaports

Finally, the MOUNTAINS!

Some traits of a mountain environment would be
*their mountains rise from 1,000 to 12,000 feet
*they mountains have cool air because of the temeratures
*They have ancient dry riverbeds cut down the sides of the mountains and fill with water during rainstorms
*very cool temperatures frost developes from time to time
*moist winds from the Indian Ocean

People survived in the Mountains environment by

*mountain dwellers in the sixth century lived in houses made of mud bricks
*they farmed on the steep slopes by creating steplike terraces, or flat areas
*Their terraces enlarged the space that was usable for farming

And Finally...

I hopem you've learned many things about the multiple environments! :D

Sincerely, Cameron Lowery

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