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Casey Bennett

Casey Bennett

Kelly Krepelka

English Honors II

April 22, 2014

Shannon Bolinger Bennett Feature Story

Shannon Bolinger Bennett was born in Wabash Indiana in 1971. She was only a child when she first became aware of what it meant to be dead.

She was extremely close with her grandfather and they would hang out all the time. He would come to the house and take her and her siblings out to do activities together.

The last time he came to the house to take the out to go bowling she had a bad feeling “I could feel in my gut that something bad was going to happen that this was the last time I would see him like this” and she was right. Not too long after her grandfather had a stroke.

As children you love completely oblivious to the world around you, or at least what is really going on. You're amazed about all the pretty things and how beautiful it can be but when something bad happens, something that can never be changed, you snap into this reality and you realize what it truly means.

Her grandfather came to take her older brother bowling and she had this gut feeling that this would be the last time he would ever be like he was so she begged to go to wanting to spend every moment she could with him.

Awhile later her father, Gordon, told her that his father had the stroke. "One of the worst things is seeing someone close to you like that, a completely different person. He lived for another two years, not fully there and aware, he became mean and agitated, he was nothing like the person he was before." Later on Shannon became aware of death. What it was like to lose someone close to you. She had a whole other understanding of life and what it meant to live. #transformed

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