Using Professional Press Release And Blog Content Writing Services To Boost Seo Rankings And Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Writing a press release that will capture the attention of a journalist is not as easy as you would initially imagine. When you are passionate about your product or service, it is very easy to get carried away with listing the benefits of your product or service whilst trying to sell the concept at the same time. Having so much passion for what you do is great, until it comes to grabbing the attention of a very busy journalist! Journalists hate being sold to and do not like providing free advertising for businesses. A journalist will rarely waste their time writing an advertisement.

Writing a good press release is often very difficult for someone who is so involved in the core activities of a business, so sometimes it is better to outsource professional press release writing to a copywriting expert or marketing agency.

Journalists receive a high volume of press releases every day so it is important to catch their attention and show that you actually have a newsworthy story to tell. A press release is, technically, your ticket to publicity which can open up doors to newspapers or magazine articles and radio or TV stations. You have to have a good reason for sending press release, not just an advert for your existing products or services. Have you created new job openings within the community? Have you had record sales this year or developed a product that will change lives? Are you holding a special event or has your business exceeded expectations in fundraising for a local charity this year? Focus on what makes your business so great and make sure you target the right people with your press release.

Blog content writing

Writing a blog is similar to writing a press release; it will only be successful and attract followers if you are writing something worth reading. Posting advert after advert for a product or service is not conducive to building a large following. Give readers something to think about. Instead of saying “BUY THIS PRODUCT or BUY THIS SERVICE” change your approach and give readers the information they need to make the decision to make a purchase. Provide readers with facts that let them make the conclusion they need what you have to offer. If you write a fun, informative and persuasive blog post, you will soon have a loyal following. Your readers have to believe in you and the information you provide. People these days now hate being sold to. With so much information available on the internet, people are in a much better decision to search for information and make an informed decision. You need to give your readers the tools they need to make a decision in your favour. Writing a blog, however, is not a quick and simple task. Many businesses choose to outsource blog content writing services to professional copywriters so they are free to focus on the businesses core activities.

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