Sidney Rich

September 11, 2001. On a normal Tuesday morning, an American Airline crashed into the world trade center, killing many and instantly creating chaos. 18 minutes after the first plane struck, the second twin tower was hit causing massive destruction, explosions and debris around it. The attack was assembled by Islamic terrorist from many Arabic countries.  The 19 terrorist, stuck past security with deathly weapons, and boarded four flights with enough fuel for transcontinental journeys. Soon after boarding terrorist took control of the planes, and had their plane set in motion. 9-11 has radically changed the United States in a variety of ways. The U.S. became more established with security in all aspects. Airports have a stricter, and more intense form of security; with increased bag checks, metal detectors, etc.  The Department of Homeland Security was also developed after the attacks of 9-11, restricting immigration and causing annual deportation to rise. 9-11 terrorist attacks lead to more than a decade of war for the U.S. and Afghanistan. Following the attacks, the United States invaded Afghanistan in effort to dismiss the Al-Qaeda and remove the Taliban government control. Many Americans began to fear and hate those involved in terrorism attacks and certain members of Arabic nations.

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