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Next you will need to set up your cash beyond words review in order to promote your chosen product.Subscribers will be redirected to your website once they have signed up on your squeezepage to receive their free bonus.Our 1 Click Affiliate software simplifies this whole process for you. It works by building out atemplate you can use for your website.

All you need to do is select the options that you wantto include in your affiliate webpage.Once you have your template you will need to set up your website.We suggest using Wordpress not only because it's free but also because Google lovesWordpress sites since they are easy to read by their cash beyond words review and therefore more likely to rankfaster in the search engines.

It's important to note that Google is still the number 1 referrerof traffic online so it pays dividends in terms of traffic if you create websites that are compliantwith their guidelines.Go to to download and install a theme of your choice - it isvery quick and easy but Wordpress will guide you through this process if you are not surehow to do it.

Or you can see how to install your theme here you will need to choose a domain for your website. Try to choose a domain name thatincludes your main keyword e.g., Remember you can also chose a domain with a .net or .org if .com isnot available.

Ideally your domain should be between one and three wordsOnce you have your Wordpress theme installed you can copy and paste the templatecontent from 1 Click Affiliate that you created. STEP 6: Promote Your Offer To Your ListContinue to promote your offer to your list. Remember, people don't always buy first timearound and so whilst they may have signed up to your list and been redirected to your offerpage they may not have been ready to buy your product then but they may buy second orthird time around.

And there lies the beauty of building a list -you can continue to emailpeople with your offer and future relevant offers they may be interested in.It's important to note that you shouldn't bombard subscribers with emails promoting productsbecause you will find that they will likely unsubscribe very quickly. Instead try to strike abalance of sending excellent content that subscribers will find interesting, useful andinformative which you can then intermix with promotional offers. This helps build trust withyour subscribers and if they trust and like you they are far more likely to stay subscribed andpurchase cash beyond words review you recommend.


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