The Galapagos in Motion

A Multimedia Approach

The Galapagos Islands are a land of mystery and magic. Everywhere you look you find something new, see something exciting. A picture can give you a look, but a video can show you the adventure in action. Culminated in this posting are my stills and videos from the trip. I hope the Islands come alive to you in this essay and you experience the magic I felt during my trip.

The bonds made on this trip are like no other I've built before. We were all experiencing the adventure together and it instantly bonded us. I will always share the experience with them and I would't trade any of the memories. We continue to stay in touch and it's crazy to think we didn't know each other at the start of this trip.

Our first stop of our trip was at Los Gemelos, or the Twin Craters. Right off the plane we got to have our first exploration. This is also our first tour on the island and we did not know what was in store.

After walking down the path, we came to a wide clearing and looked out over an enormous crater. It took your breath away, the sheer width and depth was alone shocking. Then, to see the rocks and the vegetation growing on them, showed us just how long these craters had been there. The fence that was supporting us was old and slowly rotting, making it all the more terrifying to look over the edge.

What we tried to do, as the communication students, was create a video journal. Unfortunately, we did not keep up with posting for the entirety of the trip, and what we did say in our journals, we thought was funny at the time, but watching them now, the sound quality was very, very unfortunate and you may just get the gist of our first entry. (Also excuse that some parts are upside down, it had been a long day.)

The Rocks Rocked

One of the coolest places we got to go were the lava fields. Lava, as far as the eye could see, barely any flora or fauna, just blackness. We could climb the hills and hide in the pits. It was a natural playground for us. Of course we had to be careful, you never know when you could fall in!

Obviously, never having taken a science class at Rider, I have no knowledge on biology, geology or anything of that nature. Thankfully, we had other professors with us to explain what's happening underneath our feet.

Hands-down the best part of the trip was the snorkeling. We were with every creature under the sea.

And not only one school of fish joined us, there were different species all around us! My personal favorite was a rainbow fish that kept finding it's way back to me.

We even found lobsters right under our feet! Of course, besides the crustaceans and fish, we got to swim with the majestic sea lions. They were fantastic and friendly. They were by far the highlight of the trip. Pictures can't capture their grace or their friendliness, so here's a snippet of a video exhibiting their happiness.

Here is my highlight reel of the trip to the Galapagos Islands, the best parts of each island we saw and each animal we came into contact with. Pictures can only tell a 1000 words, I hope this reel tells a story.

This trip is the most amazing thing I have ever had the opportunity to experience. The places we went and the people we met were completely incredible. Going as a communication major, I have more photos and videos then I could ever have imagined and they will stay with me forever. This was the only thing that mattered to me my senior year and I am so happy to have gone to the Galapagos Islands with such a great group.

See you back at Rider!

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