My New Car

By: Monique Freeman

The car I want to buy, is a 2011 Volkswagen Golf TDI , its a really nice car, It has 96,716 Milage on it, the car is Bright red, and its a nice car to use, if you live by your self, to get around and doing everything and I like small cars,. The Car Price is 14,000

* The Growth %, would be .85 because before it was 15% and it would decay.

*  The Growth decay would equal   y= 14000(1-.15)^12 = 1991

*  I would keep the car for 12 years.

* The equation that represents my car is = y= 14000(1-.15)^12

* My car will be worth 1,991 dollars in 10 -12 years!

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