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When it comes to giving away presents, people always try to go the extra mile. Its not just about giving something that the receiver will remember you for, it is your love and affection that you wish to convey through that gift. And that means giving them something that they will cherish for a long time to come.. Something that holds a special meaning in the life of the receiver.

Here is an idea that will definitely be a favourite for the receiver of your gift – Virginia themed gift baskets!

A little history

Virginia - the beautiful southern state was named after Queen Elizabeth I who was also known as the Virgin Queen at that time. It was part of the thirteen British colonies and therefore has a history strewn with heroism and patriotism as the inhabitants fought for freedom in the American revolution. These roots combined with a rich cultural heritage make Virginia one of the most interesting places to live in. Perhaps this is the reason why the inhabitants of the state are so attached to their land and its customs.

Virginia gift basket ideas

Now if you are thinking about putting together a gift basket for your Virginia based friend, you will be surprised to know just how many options you will have. Again the rich cultural heritage of the state is the reason behind this fact. Let us see what all you can do if you are trying to put together a Virginia themed gift basket for your loved one.

  • Did you know that the land of Virginia is known to be the mother of many of our presidents? That’s right! A total of eight US presidents had breathed their first breaths in this state. From George Washington to Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe and even John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson are natives of this state. And you can put together memorabilia related to them all in a fantastic Virginia gift basket. I’m thinking cherry jam or dollar bill stationary (Washington), wine and gourmet food (Jefferson was quite fond of both); College of William and Mary and Princeton school memorabilia (Madison attended both); and perhaps a dictionary (Taylor was a noted poor speller and writer).
  • If the receiver of the gift is someone on the brink of choosing a college for higher studies or perhaps a parent of someone who is, you can do a round-up of the best educational institutions in the state to make a mind blowing gift basket. The colors and mascots of all the state universities – College of William and Mary, Princeton, James Madison University, University of Virginia and the Virginia Commonwealth University – will be a great gift to giveaway!
  • You can even combine the state symbols and create a ‘Discover Virginia’ gift basket. Cardinals, square-dance music, oysters and milk products are great representatives of the state. You can include movies related to Virginia or film stars born here.

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