Jamal Edwards!!

Founder of sb.tv  November 2006

From a teenager on a council estate in west London to multimillionaire.Still just 23 years old, film-maker turned media boss is worth more than

£8 million, and counts famous entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson as one of his friends.Jamal is the owner of SBTV, a broadcasting company that makes videos - music videos featuring rap and puts them up on YouTube.

Jamal says:"Try anything, don't be scared of failure, that is my advice," he says. "The only failure is not trying. And when you find your niche, what you are really good at, hit it so hard."

Growing media empire

Soon Jamal was able to quit Topman and run SBTV on a full-time basis.

Today he has 12 members of staff, and SBTV also has its own website that carries news stories and feature articles in addition to the videos.

Jamal Edwards counts Sir Richard Branson as a friend

you can listen to Jamal video about never giving up

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