Macy Rooney and Lexie Lee:
Does the Price of Steve Madden and Converse Shoes Go up or down?

Research Question for Converse Shoes: How much has the percent of change increased or decreased in 60 years?                                                                                                               Research Question for Steve Madden: How much has the percent of change increased or decreased in 14 years?

Macy Rooney: Converse Shoes                                                                                                           Lexie Lee: Steve Madden

Equation for Converse shoes: $6.95 to $50                                                                                     Equation for Steve Madden: $3.06 to $31.96

Work collected for Converse shoes Percent of Change:

Data for Converse Shoes:

Topic Chosen: Converse Shoes

Expected % of Change: Increase by about $20

Year chosen to research: 1953

Cost in 1953: about $6.95

Cost in 2014: about $50

Percent of Change: 619.42% & increase

Surprised: yes, didn’t think it would be that high of change

Why has the price Changed?: converse shoes have gotten more popular in the last 60 years

Work for Steve Madden percent of change:

Data for Steve Madden:

Topic Chosen: Steve Madden

Expected % of Change: increase

Year chosen to research: 2000

Cost in 2000: $3.06

Cost in 2014:  $31.96

Percent of Change: increase of 944.4%

Surprised: no, because Steve Madden is a very popular brand

Why has the price Changed?: They have added more locations and changed items for the teenage era

Optional for a 4:

Prediction: What will happen in the next 60 years?               

Converse: In the next 60 years, the price of converse shoes will continue to grow larger. I think this because the percent of change from 60 years ago to today was so large that it causes me to predict that the percent of change will continue to increase/grow.

Steve Madden: In the next 14 years, the price of Steve Madden shoes will continue to grow because of how large and popular they already are. The prices may double what they have since 2000. So I think if I did this same report 14 years later I would get similar results as I did this time.

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