When I was a nebula life was easy I didn't have to do much but sit around and be a lazy little baby with my friends. I was taken care of and had no worries.


When I was a protostar life was still easy I just enjoyed childhood with my friends. We learned a little bit but mainly just enjoyed life and played while I could.

Low Mass Main Sequence

By this time I was a teen and had to take on a little more responsibility and life got a little more stressful but not too bad. I had to take care of my self and survive by myself.

Red Giant

Now Im an adult fully self sufficient and life's getting pretty stressful worrying about my fate. Life isn't good and I really wish I was still a protostar.

Planetary Nebula

Life was terrible in this stage I was dying loosing my outer layers and my soul (core) is all thats left.

White Dwarf

Now I am dead but not quite done with my journey. Sooo... um this is awkward.

Now my journey over I is be dead and done. Wait how am I still talki.....

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