Tools of The Trade

by: Alexander Moore


overview: edmodo is a online classroom free of charge, where students can not only interact with other students on homework and projects but with there teacher for additional help.

how it works?

you create a account by going to sign up and create account, Your teacher will then give you a code which is like a virtual classroom where you can ask questions for help and much more.

what are some benefits?

some benefits of edmodo are you can interact with students and teachers. you can finish school projects and classwork as well as get help on anything that you still have a question on from the lesson

Any further help:



overview: a way for teacher to get a hold of their students and remind them of any quizzes or tests as well as dead lines and due dates.

how can I use the tool?
you must create a login account then a administrator will give you a code which will then enter you into remind where your teacher will send you text about assignments

what are some benefits?

some benifits is you will get direct text on any assigments, due dates and test that are coming up.

additional help:


a free website to create great info graphic designs for your job, projects and homework's

how to use tool?
log in if you have a created account and pick a info graphic you want and use the widgets in the tool bar to create your perfect info graphic.

you have a quick easy way to create presentations.

additional help:


a easy to use websites to create a visual representation.

how you can use the tool?
you can use this and create a presentation with your info, videos and pictures.

get a better way of doing presentation.

extra info:

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