Sofia's Journey

By Issabella Di Mauro


Secrets in the fire is a book about Sofia and her family struggling though the attack from the bandits which their father died form and has to escape from them so the started  walking and find a small village where the mother (Lydia) could work and Sofia and Maria can go to school.

Sofia made a promise to maria that she would get back the white dress that got left behind that she adored, thats when Sofia met totio he helped her make the white dress. after she made the dress and gave it to maria the went along with their life but one day Sofia and Maria decided to play a game that they had to close their eyes and run Sofia accidentally went off the track that their mother told them never to leave and she stepped on a land mine that put Maria and Sofia in hospital in the "big city" but shortly after the accident Maria didn't make it because she had internal injuries, Sofia made it but had to lose her legs she had to stay at the hospital for a long time away from her family because she had to get artificial legs and had to learn how to walk again.

Character Profile


Maria was Sofia's sister and in my eyes her best friend they always did stuff together and she was always there when she was down.

Dr Raul

Dr Raul was Sophia and Maria's doctor after the land mine accident. Dr Raul had a soft spot for sofia and wanted the best for her. he puts people be for himself that shows he is kind and wise, you know he always has their back.


Totio helped Sofia sew her dress and gave her the shop/hut it shows that he is kind and proud in what he does and must trust sofia enough to give her his prize possession he is trustworthy and confident.      


i think that sofia and her family use to live in Carbo which is up the top of mozambique (which is first photo) because they had to walk a long way where they live now and its near the beach.

the "big city" i think is Xai Xai District because it a further away from boane and where sofia had to catch the bus so it couldn't be to close or too far.

i think sofia live in the Banhine National park because its protected from the bandits and it looks like it would take her long to walk to boane.  

her jorney

I think though out the book she would have to be upset about her father and the bandits destroying her home and having to start her life again, after the tragic about losing her sister would have to be the worst and then figuring out that she has lost her leg she must of felt depressed and lost she once  grew up with a life with running and dancing and being with her sister/best friend and now everything has been taken off her.When she was in hospital and being alone and helpless and getting moved around allot must of been hard but after she found out that she would be getting a new pair of legs there was a glimmer of hope and relief but by the end of the struggle thought her life she is a strong beautiful woman and is an inspiration to all.

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