Raising Rabbit should be considered a work

Here is a new job opening for home stay mother. Keeping rabbit is not fun but it helps us in plentifully ways in our life. Rabbit isn’t only what you see in your garden. Rabbit raising should be considered a work because it needs hard labour and special skills. It can be one of the sources of living. It is said that keeping rabbit is a fun. It is your matter of choice. However, raising rabbit isn’t a fun. It takes lots of labour. You have to sanitize the cage and the rabbit area. It is time consuming because we have to do it every day.According to a worker of Balaju farm, he says he spends 8 hours every day in sanitization of the area of rabbit. As a result, the proliferation of rabbit is double in 2 years.It requires no specific skill and any one can do the job. It isn’t so difficult. But in fact it needs special training and skill is needed to rare a rabbit keeping it healthy. There is always a risk of your family to keep an animal without proper knowledge.Dr. Hasan a veterinary doctor said that training should be given to every family about raising their pet to have their pets’ long life.It is a wastage of time. It is fruitless. It is only making your home and surrounding messy. I strongly disagree. It can help me to support my family. I can earn money from raring rabbit. I can sell the fur (Aankura). I can sell its hide and even young ones and make money.

According to the shopkeeper in a wool house, “Aaankura products are more liked by customers in comparison to others. It is very warm and soft as compared to other wool. Raring rabbit is a hard work. It needs skill and knowledge. Rabbit raising is not a leisure time activity. It is a work. I can bring food to table for my family through rabbit raring.