William Murdoch and his gas lighting

"The scot who lit up the world"

William Murdoch

On the 21st of August, 1754, a scotsman by the name of William Murdoch was born. He was to be a long time engineer and inventor. Employed by Boulton and Watt for most of his life, he invented a wide range of mechanised products. Among these was a prototype of the first steam trains, a steamer paddle, a pneumatic messenger tube system and most famously: his gas lighting. Though these were some amazing inventions, he was mostly known for the repair, erection and maintenance of Boulton & Watt engines in Cornwall.

William was born in the town of Cumnock, within the region of East Ayrshire, Scotland. He lived to the ripe old age of 85 in 1839. He went to Old Cumnock Kirk School until he was ten and then finished his education under a writer of a famous arithmetic textbook. He picked up most of his knowledge from his father and it is said he helped raise one of the first bridges over the river Nith in Scotland.

William Murdoch did have some relation to the first Industrial Revolution since he had strong ties with steam power and their benefits.

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