My Future Career:

Test Writer

By: ZF

How I Will Become a Test Writer

You need experience with teaching and writing. You need a bachelors degree. (a 4 year degree) from a college. Find people who need test writers on the internet. Send a resume to them. A resume is a paper that tells how good you are.Then you do an interview. (asking questions so they can see if you can do the job.

Salary for a Test Writer

They pay $20.00- $30.00 per question.

What you Do to Make a Test

They need to do training or watch videos. Plan the test. Decide if the questions are multiple choice, true or false, match, or writing the answer. Decide how many questions. Make a key. don't make the questions too too too confusing.

Special Tools

  • computer
  • look at other tests

Why I Want to be a Test Writer

I want to be a test writer because I do great in tests that I do.