Singapore Degrees that Will Help Land You a Career

Today people often develop interests that lead them to a particular career, study for that career, and embark on that career before they meet the person they will marry, settle down and have children. They spend a significant portion of their lives at their jobs and their jobs have an important impact on their self-esteem, happiness, stress levels and adult personalities.

It is therefore important to wisely choose which degree to pursue and where to attend school. What we learn and what we do with what we learn is how we start our careers and the contributions we will make to society through our careers.

It is important to give some consideration to the business atmosphere in the city that a degree program is located in. Are businesses thriving there? Are there opportunities for a student of business to pursue internships and employment while studying in the city? In the case of Singapore the answers to those questions are a resounding yes. A good reason to earn your bachelor degree in Singapore is the skyrocketing businesses that call Singapore home. Long considered to be one of the “Four Asian Tigers”. Singapore is one of the rising economic powerhouses of Southeast Asia. It provides a changing and edifying backdrop for professional studies. It is also a good place to land a career after you are finished with a programme.

What kind of a degree will be best for landing an ideal career? Naturally that will depend on the individual student. Everyone has different ambitions. Everyone has different interests and different dreams. It has often been said that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. It is certainly true that being interested in what you do at work will lighten the workload. A passion for literature, history, or psychology might lead student to pursue an arts degree from someplace like the National University of Singapore. Such degrees could lead to a career as a writer, a teacher or psychologist.

A passion for a subject might not be the only consideration that drives a student’s choice of subjects to study. When considering the value of a degree had in leading to a particular career it sometimes behooves a student to consider both the monetary value of the career involved and the demand for holders of a particular degree. Certainly technology degrees are in great demand in today’s world. The Singapore Institute of Technology, among other schools, offers technology degrees that will launch the student into a high tech and high paying career. Science and technology and engineering are all in high demand. All are also subjects that can be studied at various institutions in Singapore.

There is also business as a subject of study. A business degree is always seen as a way to land a secure job that will promise advancement and increased salary. Singapore is a thriving seat of business and has many fine programmes to earn master degrees in business. The University of Malaya offers five degrees of interest to those who want to specialize in economic and business matters.