Films of WWI

By: Cara Conniff
per. 8

All Quiet on the Western Front

  • The film opens on a boy’s high school in Germany when World War I was just starting
  • The instructor gives a speech about the beauty of being in the army and how more people should fight in it
  • Then, the movie shows the young boys training to be in the war
  • Their instructor tells them that they are going to be soldiers
  • The boys are told that they are “going, up front”
  • When they get there they are starving, but the people there haven’t eaten for days
  • The young boy’s unit is sent out on night duty
  • When the driver drops them off, he says that the car will pick them up in the morning, if there is anyone left
  • The soldiers are very stressed after the battle
  • There are many battles where lots of people die
  • In the last scene, Paul is reaching out for a butterfly, but he is shot by an enemy and is killed
  • Hearts of the World
  • Filmed on a location in Britain near the Western Front
  • Two people who love each other are torn apart in the coming of WWI
  • The two families live in a French Village
  • A boy in one of the families falls for the girl in the other family
  • When they start to get ready for the wedding WWI breaks out
  • They boy is American, but he feels that he should fight
  • The boy’s dad and the girl’s mother and grandmother are killed
  • The girl walks through the battlefield and sees the boy wounded and unconscious
  • The boy then recovers
  • The boy is disguised as a German officer and he finds the girl
  • Both of them try to kill a German sergeant who discovered them
  • They lock the door to an upper room in the inn
  • The Germans try to knock the door down as the French return to conquer the village
  • Shoulder Arms
    • Released in 1918
    • Main part of the movie is a dream and it is of him being a hero
    • The main character, Charlie Chaplin, is in boot camp
    • When he is in France, he gets no letters from home
    • He then gets a package that requires a gas mask and he throws it over into the German trench
    • Charlie captures thirteen Germans
    • He goes on a mission through the German lines disguised as a tree trunk
    • Captures the Crown Prince and is given a statue and a parade in New York
    • Then, Charlie is waken up from his dream by his fellow soldiers