Olomana Hawaii trail. Day I realized how beautiful life truly is.

My best friend and I always talked about doing this together so when we both had the day off we just went for it. Took the bus paid only $1.25 and walked a few miles to get there. The first peak was absolutely stunning with so much various terrain to go through, steep hills, rocks to climb, grass, mud, bamboo. The first one is usually where average people stop to gaze the phenomenal view then head back home. Only few in this world go for the next two, we went for it. People cheered us on, we knew this adventure was to great to stop we needed to see more. 2nd peak was the medium dangerous part you had to walk and navigate carefully through a unmarked narrow path. One little slip and you'd fall off hundreds of feet. At the time we didn't mind we had only one mindset and it was to enjoy this challenge and to see what else mother nature had in stored. 3rd peak is possibly thee most dangerous thing you'd ever have to go through. Ropes. You'd rappel down using unknown ropes down a rocky peak which like I said is way too high in the sky. There's about 12 ropes you have to completely trust to hold you as you grab to them and go down. Once finished you start free hand rock climbing and again navigating in tight spaces. It took us about an hour and a half to get to the top of the last peak. When I dropped my bag and saw what was in front of me, I screamed so loud. I was so happy. My stress, ego, and worries all disappeared when I inhaled and exhaled. My best friend and I smiled at each other, grabbed a mountain apple from our bag and we just continued smiling just appreciating that moment and engraving it . One of the most difficult, dangerous, but yet the most awarding hike I have ever done in my life. Pictures and words do it no justice, you have to experience it yourself.

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