How to Avoid Identity Theft

By: Hope Atkins

Identity theft can easily be avoided, below are ways to avoid identity theft happening to you.

Your trash is their treasure, make sure when throwing away bank statements, credit card offers, and receipts that they cannot be read by someone else.

Only carry essential documents with you. By not carrying your birth certificate, social security number, and passport you reduce your chance of identity theft.

Be careful when you give your personal information over the phone. Do not give out information unless you're the one who placed the call and you know who you are talking to.

Make sure to use secure PINs and passwords. Passwords that come from birthdays are not secure. Use different PINs and passwords for various websites and credit cards.

Always check websites security symbols when shopping online. If the symbol is not there, do not give out credit card information. Do not shop from random websites, they could end up not being legitimate.

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