The Holy Mountain

The floor was cold. The building was crowded. No one thought they were safe.It was 1:00 in the night. We were sleeping for the next battle.

"Can you sleep?" whispered Sam.

"Nope," i whispered.

"Well then, at least try to rest, John," Sam whispered back.


As I lay down on the cold, empty floor, I slowly drifted of too sleep.

In the morning, the general walked in our bunker and called us all to our vehicles.

"You ready, John? We need to get in the jets before it strikes 12:00, so we can get there in time. You know that right? its the final battle," yelled Tony.

He's right. We are about to win this war. It is the climax of the battle, which will give any of the two sides the major advantage. I don't go, and its gone for us.

"I'm coming! Just wait up!" i yelled

When I got into the cockpit, the manual driving system lit up and turned blue. There is a autopilot system, but to be an official pilot, you have to master the manual program.

"Boot up," I said.

"Welcome back, John," stated the machine.

The jet lifted off the ground, with a faint blue light emanating from the bottom of the vehicle.

"You ready? We are going in 30 seconds. Make any last adjustments," said Tony.

30 seconds later, we were off.

"First, we will arrive at the mountain hill. There should be some people there. Then, we will infiltrate their bases and bomb all the forts they have. That could lead to an easy win," said Tony on the radio.

"Nice plan there. So when will we arrive?" I said.


When we got there,  you could see how steep the mountainside is. There were soldiers clinging to the side of the hill, and shooting desperately at the enemies, with the forts at the top . And that was when he got shot.

"Report! Report! Are you hurt? Speak to me!" I screamed in horror.

I looked up. I saw a sniper right at the high ledge of the mountain.

"Sam! Send reinforcements! We need to eliminate the sniper!"

"Rodger that," said Sam.

However, I couldn't wait for the backup. If I would've waited, he would've shot me, like he did Tommy. I started driving up the mountain, going to the place where the sniper is. He probably knows what I am doing, but I don't know what he is doing. Was he shooting me? Trying to hide? Whatever it is, I will have to find out. When I got to the top, I saw them there.

"What are you doing?" the mysterious man said.

"I am here for revenge."

"Very Well."

The man tossed me a sword."We shall fight."

I ran right at him. He ducked, and stabbed me right at the offhand. I struck his main arm at the shoulder. We backed away.

"Now will you give in?"

"Hah. Never!"

We ran right at each other for the final blow. I ducked, and struck at his chest, then pulled for his skull. He dropped his sword, and stopped my sword from reaching his neck.  "I will not fall to you!" he said, coughing  through his mouth. I then pushed, stabbing his spinal cord. I pulled out the sword, and fell 200 feet to his demise, leaving a crimson trail in the snow.

A few seconds after that, they sounded the retreat.