Civil War

Ella  23, New York

Day 1

July 20,1861

It is during the Civil War and my husband Josh Hutcherson has been drafted into the war. I am so lonely I have no chidren and parents and siblings were blown up in the war. I feel like I have no life. I am poor with little food. I have to work, it is hard for a woman to find work these days. I work in a store where I sell food and  clothing. Its not much but it helps pay for food and everything that I need. I thank  my friend Amber for keeping me company. She has to take of her three children I sometimes help her with cooking and gardening.


July 21, 1861

Today is the day of the first battle Bullrun. I am very worried about my husband. I wrote a letter to him telling him that I pray for him everyday. I read about the Bullrun Batttle today in the paper.

Day 3

July 22, 1861

Today I had to help the people that were wounded, they came back home because they were near death. I also had to cook for the wounded soliders. I had to take of the sick. They had terrible infections. I'll never forget the smell of the wounded and sick.

Day 4

July 23,1861

I was so excited when I recieved my letter from my husband. There was a second battle of Bullrun. I wish I had my family to keep me company. At least I have Amber to keep me company. Since both of our husbands are in the war we help eachother with food.  She keeps my mind off my family and husband.

Day 5

April 15, 1865

Today we lost a very important man. I read in the paper that president Lincoln has been assassinated. He was a good president. I feel bad for his wife. I cannot fathom the pain his wife must be going through. I know what it's like to lose what  you love. He was shot in the back of the head. They should kill whoever assassinated our president and give him no mercy.

I hope one day this war will come to an end. I hope we can unite as one nation. It is what Lincoln would have wanted, for all of us to be together. And find ways to make this country free and the best it can be. This country must move on. We need to realize that we need eachother.

With the president gone I don't know what will happen. I pray that everything will be better. I know president Lincoln has impacted our country a lot since he's been in elected. Our town is very quiet and no one really says awhole lot. Bur we still come together and try our best to keep this town together. We help as many people as possible.

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