How to Build a universe

how to build a universe just like ours. by me.

you see how the universe first started was the big bang. but it wasn't really a bang. it was more like a balloon. and the big bang is still going on right now. then they made stars  and the sun which were made by nebula. now we need a super nova which is a super explosion. and super nova is made by a star. we need a super nova to spurt out things like. oxygen, carbon, iron, and nickel. we have Jupiter but its causing a problem because it was eating up all those precious materials created by the super nova. So we need our Sun to make a path for Jupiter by cranking up the heat which put an end to its sucking up precious materials. After that happens we need gravity to make our planets. To make earth we need water and rock and an atmosphere. Now we need to put earth in the right place. The right position would have to be one hundred and fifty million miles away from the sun. Eight planets including an earth have now been formed. these planets names are starting from closest to the sun are. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  The One more thing we need to finish the puzzle is Dark Matter, without this planets will incinerate. Dark Matter also pulls the pieces of the galaxy together. So now we have our universe. This Dark Matter is like a web and for the first time we can show you what it looks like at the bottom of the page. and that's how you build a universe.

                                                            BY JO ECONOMIDIS            

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