Georgia Indain evalution

By: Clara R. & Tatum K.

Paleo Indians By: Tatum Knapp

-The Paleo Indians lived from 45,000 BCE to 12,000 BCE.

-The were nomadic which means they moved around from place to place and did not settle in a permanent place. They were nomadic because they followed their food. The family groups moved about every 3-6 days and they traveled up to 360 km (220 m) a year.

-They ate large animals such as woolly mammoth and other big animals. They also ate small animals such as fish, birds, and aquatic animals. They ate nuts, berries, edible roots that they found, and marshes.

-To kill the animals they ate, they used spears made out of stone tools and sticks.

-They lived in small groups with the total of 20-60 people.


Mississippian Indians by: Clara Roberts

-The Mississippian Period in the midwestern and southeastern United States, which lasted from about A.D. 800 to 1600

-Mississippian people were horticulturalists

-They grew much of their food in small gardens using simple tools like stone axes, digging sticks, and fire. Corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, goosefoot, sumpweed, and other plants were cultivated

-They gathered nuts and fruits and hunted such game as deer, turkeys, and other small animals. Mississippian people also collected fish, shellfish, and turtles from rivers, streams, and ponds.

-The Mississippian Period in Georgia was brought to an end by the increasing European presence in the Southeast.

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