Injuries In Football

On this poster I will explain some of the risks involved with participating in Football, and the ways of dealing and preventing these injuries.

Here it shows Theo Walcott rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament during a match against Tottenham, their fierce rivals! There are ways to reduce the likelihood of injuring this area, they include adding knee supports, strengthening the muscles around the knee using squats, leg extensions, etc. You could also em-place and enforce rules that would penalise dangerous tackles with yellow/red cards, suspensions, and fines. Symptoms would be the player limping, player holding the area of impact, or swelling of the area. The treatment of this would involve physiotherapists, doctors/nurses if necessary.      

This video shows Wayne Rooneys boot come off while breaking his metatarsal. Ways to reduce the likelihood of this occurring include wearing thicker boots, over the years boots have become thinner and thinner to increase performance but it has been proven that foot injuries have increased too. Rules can be enforced to stop dangerous tackles with studs facing up by giving yellow/red cards, giving fines and suspensions, etc. Symptoms of a broken metatarsal are deformity around the area, player would be limping, could be a compound break which means the bone has penetrated the skin, and swelling around the area of impact. The treatment for this would involve an x ray at the club or hospital, physiotherapists, doctors/nurses, and radiologists. This process would last between 1-3 months.

This video shows Djibril Cisse breaking his tibia and fibula. To reduce the likelihood of this you could en-force rules on reckless challenges, by brandishing yellow/red cards, and giving suspensions and fines. The treatment involved with this injury would be rehab for around 1-2 months and 6-8 weeks for the healing of the bone itself. People involved would be physiotherapists, doctors/nurses, and radiologists.

This is a short clip of Micheal Owens dislocated knee. To reduce the likelihood of this happening you can use a knee support, enforce rules that are against bad tackles, give yellow/ red cards for bad tackles and suspensions, fines, etc. You could also use different boots with better grip to stop trips and slips. To recover from this injury it would take anywhere from 6 weeks to six months. With the help of physiotherapists, and radiologists, you can get over the injury a lot quicker.

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