My Holidays

By Bill Stribbles

On the holidays I didn't do too much because Mum had to go to work and she was very busy, but I did do things.

On the first week of the holidays I pretty much just watched TV and played Minecraft which was fun.

On Sunday afternoon my friend Jack came for two sleepovers, we played lots and lots of Minecraft on both computer, and Xbox. When we were playing the Xbox version, Jack and I found A HUGE mountain that we refuged on. Once we made built A house and settled in, we made some tool's and went mining. After A couple of day's Jack left to go home.

On the second Saturday Mum and I worked worked at the lions BBQ at Big W. After that Mum's  friend Mat came over, we went to A furniture shop, Bunnings, and Safeway.

At 5:00 we all went to the movies to watch Despicable Me 2, it was really funny, and one of my favourite parts was when a guy said "my name is Mr Ramsbottom" and then the minions said, "bottom" and then laughed.

On the last day of the holidays we were going to go to the Rotary Market but it was closed, and that was my holidays.

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